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My New and Improved Website

The main purpose of this website and blog is to communicate information to the students (and parents). On this website, you will see links to daily notes, homework assignments, review packets, and informative videos. More than in the past, this blog will have a more interactive feel to it. I will use the blog not only to post information, but also to ask thought provoking questions from the big ideas or essential questions of any given lesson. Students will use this blog as a forum to ask questions, discuss topics, share ideas and overall have an increased opportunity for participation.

Blogging is a good tool for education. Classroom blogs can be a powerful platform to develop disciplinary habits of thinking, including reading and writing about a range of disciplinary texts (Colwell, 2012). Blogging can serve as a powerful tool to apprentice students’ reading, writing, thinking, and talking in the disciplines because the teacher can model the writing process along with them. (Wickens, C, Manderino, M, Glover, E, 2015). I have been teaching Geometry at the High School level for 12 years and one thing that I have learned is the power of communication not only between teachers-students, but students-students. Over the past few years, students have created group chats to discuss the happenings of the class. Now, instead of a group of 8 or 10 students in a group text message discussing class, the whole class can view and contribute. This will be extremely helpful for students because the information will be out there for everyone to see.

The two ISTE Standards for Students that will be met are; will be able to communicate and collaborate with each other and improve their research and information fluency. Students will be using the blog to interacting with one another. They will also start to develop research skills within the blog such as locating, organizing and evaluating.

The two ISTE Standards for Teacher that will be met are; Designing and developing digital age learning experiences and assessments and facilitating and inspiring student learning and creativity. I will be using Google Forms to check daily understanding and drive instruction for the next class. Through all of my uses of technology (blog, Twitter, Remind 101, Google Forms) I will facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity.


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